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About Sue

I am Sue Holman an artist and relief print maker living and working in East Devon.

My prints and lampshades make beautiful pieces for interiors.

Their colours are a feature to “pop” in colour or blend beautifully with present schemes.


My lino cut prints sit on a mixed media abstraction, making each piece of work a unique artisan piece.

The print holds and contains the image.

When I cut a Lino block, I am sculpting and moulding a shape which is botanical in theme, abundant and voluptuous.

Colour is crucial. It is used to enhance, suggest and often refer back to the heart of the work. The white or sometimes gold ink creates a softness, mood and moonlit feel.

Switching on the light in my lampshade creates another layer and dynamic to my work. The colours come alive, iridescent and glowing, revealing  texture and background brush marks and other layered painting.

The lamp bases are either designed by me and turned locally or sourced to match the proportion and style of the shade.

All the lampshades are rolled by hand by me. The cut and size of the shade is carefully considered to create the greatest impact from the artwork and the colours.

The lamps are all constructed with professionally-approved fire retardant material. The flex is carefully chosen for a good colour match and style.

I grew up on a Devon dairy farm. My childhood garden reached out to secret wild places, old apple orchards, clay-bottomed streams that flooded and subsided, giant elm, sycamore, honeysuckle, hazel hedges and primrose banks.

The beauty of the natural world through the eyes of a child is the perspective I want to evoke in my work. Giant ladybirds and huge rosebuds, these are the sparks to set me working.
"I have to thank Samuel Palmer and Hokusai for influencing and inspiring me from an early age, but most of all I thank my family who grew rambling roses and giant tulips in their gardens and who moved to a farm that became my playground with the freedom to explore it…all on my own.

I would be very happy to advise on colour, setting and pieces and how they might fit into your home.

I hope to hear from you soon". 

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